CALS in the News for the Week of June 11- June 17, 2016


Research may point to new ways to deliver drugs into bacteria
Science Daily, 6/16
Quoted: Douglas Weibel, Biochemistry

Wisconsin expecting excellent winter wheat crop
Brownfield Ag News, 6/16
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

How to get rid of annoying ants in your home
Food and Wine Magazine, 6/14
Mentioned: Patrick J Liesch, Entomology

Many Named Vita Plus Marketing and Communications Specialist
Hoard’s Dairyman, 6/16
Mentioned: Brandon Maly, Alumnus, Life Sciences Communication

Dairy Cooling: The Benefits & Strategies, 6/15
Mentioned: Ian Atkins, Graduate Student
Mentioned: Christopher Choi, Biological Systems Engineering
Mentioned: Brian Holmes, Emeritus, Biological Systems Engineering

Potato fields susceptible to disease through growing season
Wisconsin Agriculturalist, 6/15
Mentioned: Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology

Aim to reduce ash in forage
Agri-View, 6/15
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

Alltech awards “Young Scientist”
Agri-View, 6/15
Quoted: Bethany Margret Dado, Alumna, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Hasan Khatib, Animal Science

Some farmers are struggling to repay loans made in better times
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/15
Quoted: Bruce Jones, Agricultural and Applied Economics

What Does ‘Local Food’ Mean to Wisconsin Consumers?
Growing Wisconsin, 6/16
Quoted: Bret Shaw, Life Sciences Communications
Quoted: Laura Whittling, Alumna, Life Sciences Communication

What does “local food” mean?
Morning Ag Clips, 6/15
Quoted: Bret Shaw, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Laura, Alumna, Life Sciences Communication

University of Wisconsin – Madison seeks to capitalize on push to harness helpful microbes
SeedQuest, 6/14
Quoted: Timothy Donohue, Bacteriology
Quoted: Trina McMahon, Bacteriology
Quoted: Federico Rey, Bacteriology
Quoted: Melissa Christopherson, Bacteriology
Quoted: Dan Noguera, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bacteria may improve biofuel production
Morning Ag Clips, 6/12
Quoted: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology
Quoted: Brian Fox, Biochemistry
Quoted: Gina Lewin, Alumna, Bacteriology

UW dairy camp offers surprises
Agri-View, 6/14
Quoted: Beth Heinze, Dairy Science
Mentioned: UW-Madison Arlington Agricultural Research Station

New labels for blade tenderized meat
Morning Ag Clips, 6/10
Quoted: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Science

Thousands more trail cameras coming to Wisconsin for research
The Country Today, 6/13
Quoted: Phil Townsend, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Spooner Sheep Day slated for Aug. 27
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/14
Mentioned: Richard Vatthauer, Emeritus, Animal Science
Mentioned: Robert Rand, Emeritus, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Yves Berger, Emeritus, Spooner Research Station
Mentioned: Philip Holman, Agricultural Research Stations
Mentioned: Alexa Roscizewski, Student, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: David Thomas, Animal Science

In the moo-d for milk? Come to 39th annual brunch Saturday near Lodi
Portage Daily Register, 6/13
Mentioned: UW-Madison Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Tight budget ahead for SPASD
The Star, 6/10
Mentioned: UW-Madison Applied Population Lab

Stop the spiny water flea
CALS News, 6/17
Quoted: Bret Shaw, Life Science Communication

Of Interest 

New strain of root rot threatens alfalfa
Wisconsin Agriculturalist, 6/17

Dairy education in two years or less
Dairy Herd, 6/11

Weak bees make strong colonies
Science Daily, 6/11