Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF) full proposal grant application

The Alpaca Research Foundation provides funding to qualified investigators for alpaca-related scientific research that will benefit alpaca breeders on national and international levels. Areas of current research interest include:

  • Health: Early detection and treatment of disorders and diseases, thyroid testing validation, and pharmacokinetics of drugs that might be useful in treating alpacas
  • Husbandry: Establish optimal nutritional requirements, including trace minerals and vitamins at various stages of growth and development
  • Genetics: Identify commercially important heritable traits and defects and develop genetic tests for the benefit of the North American alpaca industry
  • Fiber: Identify objective measures of the fleece character and determine the influence of genetics on those measures

ARF encourages but does not require collaborative studies between institutions and researchers.

Proposals are due April 1. The earliest funding date is September 1.

Please submit proposal electronically to Patricia Craven, PhD, at

One signed hard copy, postmarked no later than April 1, should also be sent to

Alan A. Rosenbloom, MD
824 Poplar Trail
Siler City, NC 27344

Please refer to ARF Full Proposal Application for more info.