Safety a top priority for ARS

Last month, ARS held day-long ag safety training workshops at four different stations: Arlington, Lancaster, Marshfield and West Madison. The workshops drew almost 100 ARS staff members from across all twelve stations – plus several other CALS departments and colleagues from the USDA. Emergency response was the focus of the workshops, which covered personal first aid; chemical and fuel spills; and vehicle accidents and machinery breakdowns.

A break-out training sessions on chemical and fuel spills held at West Madison ARS in February.

“Safety is very important to us. We are proud of our safety efforts and are always looking for ways to improve,” says Arlington ARS assistant superintendent Jeff Breuer, who is the safety director for ARS.

These intensive day-long, all-station group training sessions has been offered during the winter months for several years. In addition, each station offers station-specific safety programs on an ongoing/as needed basis on topics such as new equipment training and proper use of personal safety equipment.