Wisconsin Wildlife Federation conservation leadership corps

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation (WWF) has just completed the second year of an exciting new program to assist in the development of future conservation leaders in Wisconsin, known as the Wisconsin Conservation Leadership Corps. (CLC). WWF has based the CLC on a highly successful and similar project developed by the Conservation Federation of Missouri, our counterpart organization.

The CLC is designed to provide expert training for seniors in high school along with college freshmen, sophomores and juniors to develop leadership skills and techniques to allow students the ability to analyze as well as develop conservation policies in his or her subject of interest. Students involved will also gain experience advocating their conservation resolutions at the Annual Meeting for WWF. Successfully written and presented conservation resolutions may be adopted by WWF to serve as official polices.

Training will be provided by current and former natural resource professionals in both public, non-profit as well as private sectors. Students will be presented with real-world experience and will receive feedback from professionals with the conservation policy process. Such interactions will be valuable to participants in relation to school success, future career aspirations, and involvement in organizations.

It is anticipated that the program will take place during the 2015-2016 academic year. Events will be scheduled for three weekends throughout the year. Conservation resolution presentations conducted by those involved would be made at the Annual Meeting of the Wildlife Federation in April, 2017. Selected CLC candidates are encouraged to attend three of the four events. All expenses encountered while participating in the CLC program will be covered by WWF. At the successful completion of the year, each participant will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment for the training program, a letter of commendation for their resume portfolio and a $250 scholarship to advance their continuing education.

Interested CLC candidates should fill out the application on this page and send it to the WWF CLC Coordinator, at by May 15, 2016. Candidates will be selected by June 15, 2016. All applicants will be notified of the results. More detailed information on the program will be provided to those selected over the 2016 summer. Please refer to CLC for more info.