Essay celebrates WN@tL’s 10th anniversary – and an Irwin Goldman beet talk

Earlier this month, UW-Madison science writer Chris Bancard published a first-person essay on the UWMadScience blog describing his first experience at Wednesday Nite @ the Lab (WN@tL) back in 2010, when horticulture professor Irwin Goldman gave a talk about beets.

In the essay, written to help celebrate the public lecture series’ 10th anniversary, Barncard calls Goldman “a poet of root vegetables,” and goes on to list some of the beet fun facts he learned that night.

After that first experience, Barncard was hooked. As he explained in his essay:

Since the night (pardon me, the Nite) I learned more than I ever bargained about beets, WN@TL presenters have taught me about vaccines, cancer treatment, bird flu, frac sand mining, animal research ethics, plant diseases, polar vortices and a new branch of our family tree. Among other things.

I’ve watched it in person. I’ve watched it in overflow rooms. I’ve watched it from a roaming crowd touring lab buildings. I’ve watched it on TV at 3 a.m. with a fussy infant in my arms. And I recommend it to you.

WN@TL has been a shining example of campus science outreach over the past decade, providing a platform for UW scientists to share their work and expertise on a wide range of science, engineering and technology topics with the campus community and the general public.

Haven’t been in awhile? WN@TL takes place from 7:00-8:15 p.m. on Wednesday nights in Room 1111 of the Biotechnology Center at 425 Henry Mall. Admission is free. For information on upcoming presentations and to watch past lectures online, visit the WN@TL website.