Nominations due for Brittingham Visiting Scholars grants by Apr. 25

The Brittingham Foundation has provided generous funding to enable us to enrich small upper-level courses or seminars for undergraduates by bringing distinguished visitors to the classroom.

Criteria for Brittingham Visiting Scholars Grants:

  1. Brittingham visitors need not have “academic” credentials, and we encourage you to consider proposing individuals who work outside the academy.
  2. The program will integrate the visitor into advanced undergraduate seminars, capstone courses, or other small advanced courses.
  3. The course or seminar should either carry honors credit or provide a means by which individual students may obtain honors credit.
  4. Although the visitor may include larger lectures in the schedule, the proposal must clearly demonstrate that sustained interaction with an identifiable group of undergraduates is the primary activity for which funding is requested. Lecturing to large groups or classes is not necessary and does not enhance an application.
  5. Although Brittingham Visiting Scholars may work with groups other than undergraduates, undergraduate education must be the primary focus of the proposal.

All proposals should include:

  1. A brief letter from the department chair (or chairs in the case of co-sponsored proposals) indicating as specifically as possible how the proposed visits will strengthen the education of undergraduate students;
  2. A brief (1-2 pages) proposal from the faculty member(s) in charge of the main upper-level course(s) in which the visitor will work. The proposal must clearly outline the tasks, schedule, and contributions of the visitor(s), including any events such as lectures, workshops, etc., that would benefit other students, staff, and members of the community; and
  3. A budget of estimated expenses to cover the costs of the visit and other material which might be necessary, either in preparation for the visit or as a result of it. Meals, lodging and all travel expenses must be in compliance with UW travel policies and confined to the UW activities associated with this request. In particular, air travel must be made with Fox World Travel or via the Concur self-booking tool. In proposing honoraria, bear in mind the standards set by other programs on campus, such as those developed by the University Lectures Committee, The honorarium, meals and/or lodging can be supplemented by the sponsoring unit through other funds. For information on estimating expenses, see Accounting Services at:

Departments should forward proposals to Laurie Mayberry, Assistant Vice Provost, no later than Monday, April 25, 2016 (117 Bascom Hall or electronically in one PDF document to Announcements of awards will be made by late-May.

For full details about nominations, please read the grant memorandum.