CALS Coffee this Friday, Feb. 26 in Horticulture Building

There is a CALS Coffee happening this Friday, Feb. 26 from 8:30-9:30 am in room 473 of the Horticulture Building. The gathering is being hosted by the horticulture department.

Since the Horticulture Building can be tricky to get around, here are a couple of sets of instructions for finding room 473:

If you enter from the main doors on Linden Drive, you come in on the third floor of the building and will need to go up one floor. There are a couple of ways to get up to the fourth floor. One: There is an elevator just around the corner from room 377. When you exit the elevator on the fourth floor, room 473 will be just slightly to your right, in the corner of the building. Two: If you come in the main doors, you can take the stairwell up. At the top of the stairs, take a right and head down the hallway to the corner of the building, and you will see room 473.

If you enter by the greenhouse, then you are on the second floor of the building and will need to go up two floors.