Two professional development workshops for women faculty

Women faculty are invited to sign up for two special professional development workshops presented by Rena Seltzer, president of Leader Academic and author of The Coach’s Guide for Women Faculty. 

Women & Leadership: Coffee & Conversation:
Authority, Voice, and Influence for Women in Academia
(PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is currently full, but a waitlist is available.)
Thursday, February 11, 2016–8 am Registration / 8:30-10:15 am Workshop – Varsity Hall, Union South

Although leadership can be conferred through titles and roles, it is incumbent upon leaders to claim their authority. Even without official titles, those who speak and act powerfully can have great influence. Awareness of patterns of speech and the use of voice are tools that can be employed to build and maintain a powerful and respected presence in interactions with colleagues, administrators, and students. This interactive workshop includes findings by researchers who study issues of gender and language and provides participants the opportunity to practice speaking with greater authority.

Sign up for the waitlist via the OTM website (or visit & select Women Faculty Mentoring Program)

Women Faculty Mentoring Program and WISELI Workshop:
Life After Tenure: Maintaining Momentum from Associate to Full Professor
Thursday, February 11, 2016 –2:45 pm Registration / 3-4:30 pm Workshop / 4:30-5:30 pm Reception – Union South/TITU

Promotion gives women a stronger voice in their disciplines, departments, and the university. However, mid-career faculty members often find it challenging to move quickly and maintain strong momentum on their next major project. Obstacles to overcome include increased service obligations, difficulty finding colleagues with whom to discuss their experiences, and for some, promotion guidelines that are not clearly defined.  In this interactive workshop, mid-level professors will make a plan for promotion that includes both concrete publication goals and building systems of accountability and support to stay on track.

Register via the OTM website (or visit & select Women Faculty Mentoring Program)

Additional information about Rena Seltzer is available on the Leader Academic website.