Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award (LIFA)

Eli Lilly and Company is pleased to announce the opening of the 2015 Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award (LIFA) program, a competitive post-doctoral fellowship award. This program is designed to foster post-doctoral career development through the recognition of highly innovative pre-competitive post-doctoral research proposals by providing the recipient with up to 4 years of funding and a unique training experience.

Recognizing that many post-doctoral training programs cannot always prepare young scientists for the full cross section of job opportunities available to them (academia, industry, biotech/start-up, government, not-for-profit research), Lilly has designed this program to broaden a post-doctoral scientist’s training experience. Key to the success of this program is the establishment of an academic-industry training partnership where a post-doctoral scientist and their academic mentor are paired with a Lilly scientist who serves as an industry mentor.

The two mentors work together for the benefit of the post-doctoral trainee. To provide more flexibility to the post-doc, Lilly is making the following changes to the LIFA program.

The preliminary application package must be submitted via email to The deadline for receipt of applications is January 28, 2016.

Please refer to Program Guidelines, Privacy and Consent and Preliminary Research Proposal Template for more information.