Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board Research 2016 RFP

The Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board (WCPB), with the help of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, is seeking proposals for the 2016 Grow-Discover Research Program to fund projects that meet research criteria that will add value to the corn industry. Research is important in advancing technology, increasing profitability, improving environmental practices and developing new markets and uses for Wisconsin corn farmers.

The WCPB has a strategic plan to invest state corn farmer dollars in research to advance Wisconsin’s corn industry through new and improved markets or through innovative practices and technology. The goal in funding research initiatives that reflect the interests of the Wisconsin corn industry is to return significant value to corn farmers who fund those efforts.

WCPB is a producer-elected group responsible for administering the state’s corn checkoff funds, under guidelines provided by the state’s marketing order. The primary objective of the corn marketing order is to maintain and expand sales of Wisconsin corn. This includes development of new products and markets; improving corn production, marketing and handling methods, and; educational programs for producers, handlers and consumers relating to the quality or nutritive value of corn and corn products

The focus of WCPB’s research program includes projects that increase the profitability of Wisconsin corn production and increase market opportunities of corn production. Projects should focus on:

  • Enhancing the value of the Wisconsin corn industry through new and expanded corn markets and value added uses.
  • Supporting non-proprietary, common good research to optimize economic returns for corn production.
  • Funding innovative research to find new uses for corn and corn products.
  • Enhancing partnerships with researchers and developers of corn-based products, co-products and production research.
  • Supporting research that looks at corn production systems that are sustainable, protective of the environment and economically feasible with regard to water management, nutrient utilization, pest management and conservation of resources.
  • Supporting demonstration and educational projects for the betterment of corn producers.

Please refer to WCPB 2016 RFP for more info.

Please note the following:

  1. The deadline for receipt of proposals in the CALS Research Division is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 22, 2016. This deadline is absolute, in order for CALS to have time to review and approve the proposals and submit them to WCPB by the final deadline (Friday, January 29).
  2. A WISPER record must be signed by PI, approved by appropriate departmental contact androuted to the CALS Research Division by the January 22nd deadline. Original signatures are not required on the forms this year, so the PDF of the signed forms can simply be uploaded to the WISPER record – no need to deliver the originals to CALS.
  3. CALS Research Division will be responsible for assembling the proposals and submitting them to the WCPB.
  4. For project period, funding limit and other technical questions, please contact Nicole Wagner, or (262) 372-3289.