CALS Communicators Group to discuss photos and digital lobby screens – Feb. 16

The next CALS Communicators Group meeting will cover two topics: photos and digital lobby screens. The meeting will run 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 16 in room 6201 of the Microbial Sciences Building.

Photos: CALS photographer Sevie Kenyon will share information about how to navigate Flickr, particularly how to search for and download CALS photos. He’ll also share tips on what makes a good photo, and talk a bit about photo permissions.

Digital Lobby Screens: Robin Davies, senior media specialist in the biochemistry department, and Sue Ryan, special projects manager in the CALS Office of Academic Affairs, will cover digital lobby screens. They’ll discuss the lobby screen systems they manage (briefly), describe how they assemble graphics and offer tips for making good graphics. Ryan will also unveil a new system designed to help digital screen managers across the college easily share and swap their graphics.