North Central Region Water Network funding opportunity

The North Central Region Water Network is providing a small number of competitive multi-state seed grants and is currently requesting applications. Projects must support the goals of the Network, and lead applicants must have an Extension appointment or assignment. Applications are due August 14.

Applications will be accepted for work in any of the following areas:

  1. Planning Projects  – The purpose of planning projects is to do one or more of the following:
    • Prepare for competitive funding opportunities.
    • Work with partners to plan Extension programs or related applied research that could be funded through contracts or other non-competitive funding mechanisms.
    • Develop a plan for expanding a high quality Extension program to address needs of additional states in the North Central Region.
  2. Program Delivery Projects – The purpose of program delivery projects is to conduct new multi-state Extension programming for which a plan for multi-state work already exists.
  3. Professional Development for Extension Professionals to Improve Water-Related Extension Programs – A study sponsored by the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) identified key characteristics of 21st Century Extension professionals by reviewing Extension job postings, surveying Extension Directors/Administrators and conducting focus groups with outstanding Extension professionals. The purpose of these projects is to enhance skills of Extension professionals identified by the study’s Advisory Committee as “emerging” to address a specific water quality programming need. Please reference The Skills and Attributes of 21st Century Extension Professionals for the list of identified emerging skills and attributes.

The North Central Region Water Network is a 12-state collaboration between Extension water resource professionals and university, federal, state, NGO and industry partners. The Network is funded by the North Central Region Extension Directors, based on over a decade of USDA-NIFA funded water programs, and anchored by a core team of Extension-appointed state coordinators.

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