CALS in the News for the Week of July 4-10

In The News:

Executive Q&A: Farm Bureau works to push member causes
Wisconsin State Journal 7/05/15
Quoted: Dale Beaty, alumnus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Social media helps researchers track wildlife in Madison 7/06/15
Quoted: Marcus Mueller, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Quoted: David Drake, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Politics of immigration take root in Walker’s hometown
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7/05/15
Quoted: David Long, Community and Environmental Sociology

UW agronomist: Little difference in no-till crops at Marshfield station
The Country Today 7/06/15
Mentioned: Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
Quoted: Jason Cavadini, Agricultural Research Stations

UW study: women-owned businesses provide growth opportunities for Wisconsin
Milwaukee Business Journal 7/03/15
Quoted: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

How avian flu might affect Thanksgiving dinner
Green Bay Press Gazette 7/05/15
Quoted: Mark Richards, Animal Sciences

Three compete for county ‘fairest’ 7/07/15
Quoted: Carrie Warmka, alumna, Dairy Science

Time to prepare a 21 century workforce
Agri-View 7/08/15
Author: Rep. Ed Brooks, alumnus, Agricultural and Applied Engineering

The Ambassador From America’s Dairyland 7/08/15
Quoted: Teyanna Loether, alumna, Animal Sciences

Free garden seminar set for July 14
Wisconsin State Farmer 7/09/15
Mentioned: Spooner Agricultural Research Station

Bees not just country critters
Agri-View 7/07/15
Quoted: P.J. Liesch, Entomology

2 western Wisconsin men die after falling into manure pit while trying to retrieve equipment
Star Tribune 7/03/15
Mentioned: Jeremy Seibel, alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course

Research Station field days
Morning Ag Clips 7/09/15
Mentioned: Agricultural Research Stations

Watch for tree leaf diseases
CALS News 7/10/15
Quoted: Brian Hudelson, Plant Pathology

Of Interest:

Late blight strikes potatoes, tomatoes
Morning Ag Clips 7/05/15

Milk dumped as supplies overwhelm U.S. dairies 7/02/15

Indoor farming: Agriculture’s next revolution? 7/06/15

Wis. State Fair mobile app
Morning Ag Clips 7/06/15

“Grow Wisconsin” to boost healthy eating, economy
Agri-View 7/07/15