UW to host international workshop on digital soil morphometrics – June 1-4

The International Union of Soil Sciences working group on digital soil morphometrics, led by soil science professor Alfred Hartemink, will host an international workshop on digital soil morphometrics on the UW-Madison campus June 1-4.

Digital soil morphometrics is defined as the application of tools and techniques for measuring and quantifying soil profile attributes and deriving continuous depth functions. During the workshop, experts will review how proximal soil sensing and other tools can be used in soil profile descriptions where techniques and toolkits have not changed in the past decades.

Conference topics include:

  • Soil profile attributes: horizons, texture, colour, structure, moisture, mottles, consistence, carbonates, rock fragments, pores, roots, and all physical, chemical or biological properties
  • Soil profile imaging
  • Soil depth functions
  • Use and applications (environmental consultants, soil classification)

For more information, visit the workshop webpage or view the flyer.