Digital Media Center closing

Due to the realignment of resources to further focus on current campus strategic initiatives, the Digital Media Center (DMC) will close on May 22, 2015. The DMC, a service of of DoIT Academic Technology, values the relationship built with you and want to update you on the timeline and alternative services on campus.

Poster Printing has already been discontinued due to equipment issues, but here is the timeline for the other sub-services.

MAR 9  Last Day: Poster Printing
APR 17  Last Day: Media Conversion Intake
MAY 15  Last Day: Check Out Equipment
MAY 22  DMC Closes

Even after the DMC closure, you can continue to utilize the media consultation service in the following ways:
· One-on-one, high-quality software support for developing your online instructional materials (videos, images, audio, web pages) and making them readily available to students
· Convenience of on-campus consultations at our DeLuca Biochemistry Building location or in the comfort of your office
· Access to and assistance with recording booth
· Assistance with converting small segments of media from one format to another, such as VHS tape to MP4 video file
· Guidance on creating your own bulk, archival, media conversion system

In the coming months, the teaching and learning community will receive additional details about the transition in addition to information about current and developing resources available through DoIT Academic Technology. However, should you have any questions, please refer to the knowledge base article or feel free to contact us at or (608) 265-4817.

Thank you for your support and patience during this transition.

-Josh Harder, DoIT