Looking back at the Babcock Institute

babcockAs a consequence of the elimination of federal funding through USDA Special Grants, the Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development will suspend its operations as of December 31. Since 1991, the Babcock Institute has coordinated outreach programs, hosted international visitors, developed training materials, and fostered research partnerships with individuals and organizations in more than 80 countries. Priceless relationships have been established and nurtured, and the Institute has built connections between UW-Madison, Wisconsin farmers and agribusinesses, Wisconsin government offices, and the global dairy industry.

We would like to celebrate the Institute’s many accomplishments over the years and thank all those who have supported us in linking the dairy industries of Wisconsin and the U.S. with dairy industries around the world to improve quality of life and foster market development.

The Babcock Institute has issued the first in a series of Looking Back Over The Years newsletters, which will highlight its many accomplishments.