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Thanks to a dairy challenge, UW’s #SweetScientists advance to second half of The Amazing Race

#SweetScientists Maya Warren (in green) and Amy DeJong (in blue) in Morocco.

A dairy-related challenge helped save UW-Madison food science graduate students Amy DeJong and Maya Warren – a.k.a. the #SweetScientists – from being sent home on last Friday’s episode of The Amazing Race on CBS. They had fallen behind trying to pick up and deliver hay in a market in Marrakesh, Morocco, but then managed to make up time during the subsequent challenge: turning goat milk into butter.

As The Capital Times described it in an episode recap:

Specifically, while other teams were frantically shaking their milk to turn it into butter, the #SweetScientists knew the trick was not how fast you shook it, but the force of each shake. So they quickly made up some ground and exited the challenge in fifth place, ahead of the pro wrestling team.

Thanks to this challenge, the duo have made it into the second half of the show’s season. Over the past six episodes, they have traveled to the Virgin Islands, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Morocco – and they’re headed to Italy next.

The UW-Madison team is known for staying positive and keeping their cool. In an earlier recap, The Cap Times wrote they “must be the nicest team to ever play The Amazing Race in 20 seasons.”

Spoiler alert: And things looks pretty hopeful for them – at least for one more leg of the race – considering the next episode it called “Pretty Fly For a Food Scientist.”