30-Day benefit enrollment opportunity for same-sex spouse

As of October 6, 2014, same-sex marriage is legal and recognized in Wisconsin. This includes a legal same-sex marriage that occurred in another state or country prior to October 6, 2014, as well as the same-sex marriage licenses issued June 6 – 13, 2014 in Wisconsin.

Anyone legally married to their same-sex spouse has until November 14, 2014, to enroll their same-sex spouse and that spouse’s dependents in the following benefit plans:

  • State Group Health Insurance – earliest effective date of coverage will be October 6th, 2014
  • Dental Wisconsin Dental Insurance
  • EPIC Benefits+
  • VSP Vision Insurance
  • Individual and Family Life Insurance
  • State Group Life Insurance
    • Add Spouse/Dependent coverage if you have a dependent to insure for the first time
    • Enroll in or add one level of coverage (note – changing the relationship with the same person from domestic partnership to marriage does not allow you to make changes to State Group Life Insurance coverage)

All applications to add a same-sex spouse and the spouse’s dependents must be signed and dated by your department payroll and benefits office no later than 4:30 p.m. on November 14, 2014. Health insurance will be effective October 6th and all other benefits will be effective the 1st of the month on or following receipt of the application.

All benefit applications are available at: to add your spouse and spouse’s dependents to your coverage. Additionally, employees with a same-sex spouse may also want to consider updating their tax withholding.

For a full list of actions that can be taken due to marriage, see: Note: if you marry a same-sex spouse after October 15, 2014, you have 30 days from your date of marriage to make any benefit changes.

For additional information, see the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Wisconsin FAQ on the Department of Employee Trust Funds website:

For Employees Who Currently Cover Same-Sex Spouse as a Domestic Partner on Benefit Plans

If you already cover your same-sex spouse as a domestic partner on your benefit plans, you must submit new paper applications to change the relationship from domestic partner to spouse.

Any questions please contact UW Madison Benefits Services at or 608-262-5650.