CIAS 25th anniversary lecture: Sustainable ag, fair trade and cooperatives

Farm labor and fair trade considerations are central to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable agriculture. United Nations International Labor Organizer Peter Hurst will speak on sustainable agriculture, fair trade and cooperatives on Friday, October 10, 7pm at the Goodman Community Center in Madison. This lecture is part of a series honoring the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems’s 25th anniversary.

Hurst will be joined by panelists Courtney Berner of the Willy Street Co-op and Sarah Lloyd of Wisconsin Farmers’ Union. The panel will discuss fair trade as an integral part of sustainable agriculture, and how cooperatives empower farmers to set fair prices for their goods.

Hurst has 23 years of international experience with labor-related agricultural issues including agricultural workers’ rights; sustainable agriculture and food security; child labor; and environmental health and safety.

This lecture is sponsored by the UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS), the A.E. Havens Center for the Study of Social Justice, the UW Center for Cooperatives, the Willy Street Co-op, Wisconsin Farmers’ Union and Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative.

In addition to this lecture, Peter Hurst will give presentations on campus October 7, 8 and 9. For more information, visit and