What’s the big idea? You can find out in five minutes.

rp_b31b3b31df32693fe6ab496ec370d217.jpgBig Ideas for Busy People, a new event at this year’s Wisconsin Science Festival aims to do for intellectual discourse what speed dating did for courtship. Eight prominent UW faculty will each get five minutes to describe their groundbreaking work, with another five minutes for Q and A. Then it’s on to the next presenter. It’s the first time that this format (borrowed from the Cambridge Science Festival) has been tried in Wisconsin.

Two CALS faculty members — Irwin Goldman (horticulture) and Laura Kiessling (biochemistry and chemistry) — will be among the presenters.

“I’ve been shrinking my idea down to size,” Goldman reports. His topic will be the Open Source Seed Project: “Why in the world would we want to make seeds that are not rigidly controlled by corporate forces and that can be saved, replanted, sold, bred, eaten and otherwise enjoyed without fear of legal reprisal?”

Big Ideas for Busy People takes place on Thursday, Oct 16 from 8–9:30 p.m. at the Discovery Building.