Don’t be surprised if the line at Bucky’s Butchery gets a little longer. The UW’s student-run retail meat shop wasn’t exactly a secret, but if it were, the secret got out. Last Wednesday it was the focus of an article in the Huffington Post titled Wisconsin Students Know Their Meat.

“The UW-Madison Meat Lab, which includes Bucky’s Butchery, its commercial butcher shop, is a farm-to-table operation in its truest sense,” writes  author Theresa McCullar. “Pork and lamb come to campus from the university’s farms 20 miles north of the city to be “harvested” (slaughtered), cut, processed, packaged and sold – almost completely by undergraduates – in the Meat Lab’s facility.”

UW-Madison isn’t the only land-grant school with a meat program. McCullar says. Wyoming, Texas, Iowa and Kansas—places with far more cattle and hogs—do too.

“What sets UW-Madison’s Meat Lab apart, however, is the school’s location in the state of Wisconsin – historically, a prominent destination for German immigrants, who brought to the Midwest their expertise in curing meats,” she points out.

Master Meat Crafter training program
Bucky”s Butchery manager Robby Weyker

But some menu items “speak to Madison’s present more than its past: lamb and pork chorizos, oxtail, and beef heart and tongue. [Store manager Robby] Weyker has discovered an unexpected subset of shoppers who flock to Bucky’s Butchery: graduate students and faculty members from South America, Asia and Europe. They request cuts of meat and offal that would be unfamiliar, if not unwanted, in typical American grocery stores.”

Bucky’s Butchery and the UW Meat Lab are located between the dairy barns and the white foot bridge crossing University Avenue (map available here). The store is open every Friday from 11 a.m.–3 p.m. It takes cash, checks and credit cards.

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