Faculty vote on restructuring CALS APC begins next month

The CALS APC undertook a five-year self-study, issuing a report last February. The report recommends that CALS should: “enhance the representation of faculty and academic staff in CALS by reorganizing the existing APC divisions and increasing the number of faculty representatives.”

The proposed APC restructure would combine departments deemed to have similar research and teaching missions into five new divisions and would increase the number of faculty representatives from 7 to 11. The committee would also have two academic staff members, both with voting rights. Terms would be staggered and for three years. A quorum would be defined as any eight members.

Making this change requires approval by the CALS faculty. A vote on the question will be conducted electronically by the Secretary of the Faculty, with voting starting in late October. Faculty with CALS as their tenure home who are not on unpaid leave are eligible to vote. The vote would be for or against restructuring of APC. Specifics on the vote will be announced soon.

The APC website has a page on the restructuring with links to the full report, timeline for the restructure and other information. There’s also a forum for asking questions and providing feedback and an FAQ page. This is a public forum, all are invited to participate.