Giant ragweed wins ‘Biggest Weed’ contest

wftd-biggest-weed-2014In a surprise showing at this year’s ‘Biggest Weed’ contest held during Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, a giant ragweed was named grand champion.

A total of nine weeds were included in the just-for-fun contest, which was hosted by University of Wisconsin-Extension weed experts providing weed identification services during the three-day agricultural show. Of the samples, four were annuals, four were biennials, and one was a perennial plant.

Typically the biennial and perennial plants take the prize, notes Mark Renz, a weed specialist with UW-Madison and UW-Extension. But this year Wayne Greeler from Neillsville, Wisconsin brought in a specimen of giant ragweed – an annual plant – that was over 10 feet tall and seven feet wide.

“It is uncommon for a giant ragweed to get this wide,” says Renz. “The extra girth allowed it to take the grand prize.”

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