CALS continues to see high undergrad enrollment

After working with 620 students during SOAR this summer, including first year and transfer students, the CALS Office of Academic Affairs expects undergraduate enrollment in CALS to remain very high this academic year.

“We could have a record number of students again,” says John Klatt,¬†assistant dean of student development, who notes that we currently have 3,489 undergrads in the college. That number will likely fluctuate over the coming days as students select their college/major affiliations. Final enrollment statistics will be made available by the UW registrar’s office after the 10th day of classes.

It’s already clear, however, that CALS continues to see an increase in the proportion of female students in incoming classes, notes Cindy Fendrick, director for prospective student services. “As of [the morning of September 2], 74% of CALS’ incoming first year students are female, and 67% of the incoming transfer students are female,” she says.

eCALS will share more enrollment stats when they become available.