Food team’s Walking Wok walks off with 2nd place

Walking_wok_duoCALS students did well in the highly competitive food product development contests at the Institute of Food Technology’s Food Expo and Annual Meeting, June 21-23 in New Orleans. The IFTSA & Mars Team earned 2nd place for its Walking Wok, while the IFTSA/Disney Team’s Pocahontas’ Canoe Cruisers received an honorable mention and the UW-Madison Food Science Club was runner up for Chapter of the Year.

When they weren’t preparing for oral presentations, poster presentations, and tasting sessions with the judges, they wandered through to the food industry’s biggest trade show, where vendors from every corner of the globe showcased new ingredients, equipment and market research. “The experience was both overwhelming and excitingly eye-opening,” says Emily Harbison, incoming president of the Food Science Club. “The experience gave students a peek into their potential futures, an educational experience to say the least.”