#MyCALS: Alumni and students asked to share pics from their time at CALS

A great #MyCALS photo courtesy of the Association of Women in Agriculture. It includes (left to right): JoDee Sattler, Daphne Holterman, Mary Arnold and Valerie Holschbach.

To help celebrate CALS’ 125th anniversary this year, we’re asking alumni and students to please take a moment to find and share a #MyCALS photo—a photo of themselves taken during their time at CALS. We’re assembling them into a special photo album on the CALS Facebook Page, creating a memory book of CALS students through the years that we can enjoy and share in various ways. Be a part of it!

Here’s the kind of thing we’re looking for:

  • Photo of you working or relaxing on campus.
  • Photo of you with your classmate(s), roommate(s) or favorite professor/advisor.
  • Photo of you at a campus or student org event.
  • A graduation photo.
  • Whatever your favorite college photo happens to be!

Please send your #MyCALS photo to and include the following information: your name; major; the year you graduated or expect to graduate; your location in the photo (if there are multiple people in it); the (approximate) year the photo was taken; and a short description of what’s going on in the photo. We look forward to your submission!

Don’t have your favorite photo in digital form? Please scan the print onto your computer and email us the file, if you have time. Or, in a pinch, just snap a picture of it with your smart phone and send it from there.

If you have an extra moment, please encourage other CALS alumni and students you know to send in their own #MyCALS photos. And for those of you who are WALSAA members, be sure to share your photo with WALSAA too!

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Miller at

Many thanks for your participation and help!

CALS Office of External Relations