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CALS in the News for the week of June 23 – 27


How electric fish covert simple muscle into an electric organ
Delhi Daily News 6/27/2014
Mentioned: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

Scientists Trace Genetic and Molecular Underpinnings of Electric Organ in Fish
News Tonight Africa 6/27/2014
Quoted: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

That’s shocking! Genes reveal electric eels evolved their supercharged muscles separately 200 million years ago
Daily Mail U.K. 6/27/2014
Quoted: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

Researchers solve mysteries of electric fish
Canada Journal 6/27/2014
Quoted: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

How Evolution Gave Some Fish Their Electric Powers
Wired 6/26/2014
Quoted: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

Researchers trace genetic origins of electric organ in fish
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 6/26/2014
Quoted: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

What turns on electric fish? UW-Madison research offers new clues
Wisconsin State Journal 6/27/2014
Quoted: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry

Hoops and Holsteins: UW-Madison student savors some big wins
Agri-View 6/25/2014
Quoted: Jordan Ebert, Student, Dairy Science
Quoted: Ted Halbach, Dairy Science

Adams Dairy sprouts new barley fodder venture
Agri-View 6/25/2014
Mentioned: Becky Larson, Alumna, Dairy Science

Dairy Situation and Outlook
Agri-View 6/25/2014
Mentioned: Bob Cropp, Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Manure agitation boats making quite a stir
Agri-View 6/23/2014
Quoted: Becky Larson, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: Cheryl Skjolaas, Biological Systems Engineering

Disease threat varies greatly on state’s small grain crops
Wisconsin State Farmer 6/24/2014
Mentioned: Damon Smith, Plant pathology

Tips for food-safe grilling
UW-Extension News 6/12/2014
Quoted: Barbara Ingham, Food Science

What Drives a Sloth’s Ritualistic Trek to Poop?
Smithsonian Magazine 1/2014
Quoted: Jonathan Pauli, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

2014 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Offers Mobile Event Guide
Wisconsin Agriculturist 6/26/2014
Mentioned: Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
Of Interest

German farm will install 44 milking robots for 2,500 cows
Dairy Herd Management 6/25/2014

Research Could Lead to a New Breed of Superchicken
Bloomberg 6/26/2014