Rate increases for TAs and PAs

As essential members of the UW-Madison campus community, graduate assistants contribute greatly to our educational and research mission. It is imperative that we maintain high quality for our graduate assistants. To do so requires competitive appointment packages.

With this priority of maintaining high quality in mind, we have determined that we will again reallocate internal funding to raise Teaching Assistant and Project/Program Assistant stipend rates to a level that is more competitive with peer research institutions. We also will continue our efforts to establish a more cohesive alignment of stipend rates for all graduate assistants.

Effective July 1, 2014 for 12-month appointments and August 25, 2014 for 9-month appointments, there will be a 2% increase for TA fixed rates and PA minimum rates. The increases, which mirror the 2014-15 RA rate increase, will continue the alignment established last year (i.e., the Teaching Assistant-Senior stipend rate will be the same as the C-basis RA rate).

Regarding allocations for Fund 101-funded TAs and PAs, the Budget Office will provide mid-year transfers in 2014-15 based on an average of the 2013-14 October and March payrolls. Permanent allocations of the same amounts will be built into your base budgets in the 2015-16 planning allocations.

The fixed rates for TAs and the minima for PAs will increase as follows effective August 25, 2015 for those on 9-month appointments and on July 1, 2014 for those on 12-month appointments.