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Who’s retiring?

Here’s the list of those who have retired from CALS or will do so between January and July 2014. Thanks for your service and best wishes for the future!

  • Pat Hoffman, Dairy Science & Marshfield Ag Research Station (June 1988–Feb. 2014)
  • Marsha Key, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center (July 1980–January 2014)
  • Steven Krauth, Etomology (Nov.. 1974–Feb. 2014)
  • Robert Lytle, Arlington Ag Research Station (March 1969–April 2014)
  • Phil Pellitteri, Entomology (August 1981–July 2014)
  • John Peters, Soil Science (March 1978–March 2014)
  • Roger Quam, Arlington Ag Research Station (May 1981–March 2014)
  • Steve Seiler, Biochemistry (August 2008–June 2014)
  • Vernon Selk, Arlington Ag Research Station (June 1989–Jan. 2014)
  • Kevin Young, Dairy Science (Feb. 2002–April 2014)