Wisconsin Without Borders seeks nominees for Global Engaged Scholarship awards

Award Announcement 
Wisconsin Without Borders Recognition Awards for Global Engaged Scholarship
Deadline: 11:59pm, Sunday April 6th 

In alignment with its mission, Wisconsin Without Borders (WWB) is soliciting nominations of outstanding examples of globally engaged scholarship by members of the UW-Madison community. Please note, this award recognizes previous scholarship and is not meant to be a proposal for future work.

Awards will be offered in two categories – (1) faculty/academic staff (2) graduate students. Undergraduate students are not eligible for this award. Applicants in both categories may be nominated individually or as a group for a joint project. Faculty/academic staff and graduate students may apply on behalf of the same project, but students must demonstrate contributions independent of the faculty/staff member(s). The award amount will average $500 to $1000 per project.

Individuals may apply on behalf of themselves or as a nomination for someone else. Nominations for eligible candidates may be submitted by undergraduates, community members, or any UW-Madison faculty/staff/graduate student.

All applications will be expected to include:

(1) a completed information form (available at ) and (2) a brief application essay (please see PDF). Scholarship does not have to be international in location or subject matter. Applicants need to demonstrate an understanding of how their work fits within a global context. Completed applications will be due via e-mail by Sunday, April 6th at 11:59pm to

Please see the Call for Applications (PDF) for more details, or visit