CALS in the News for the week of January 11-17

In the News:

CDR helps Wisconsin cheese company “go Mediterranean”
CALS News 1/13/2014
Quoted: John Lucey, Food Science

Genetics capstone course encourages students to explore their own genomes
CALS News 1/13/2014
Quoted: Ahna Skop, Genetics
Quoted: Erin Syverson, undergraduate, Genetics

UW researchers explore forces behind local differences in farm-level milk prices
CALS News 1/16/2014
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Profitability

Comeback of the Wisconsin dairy business – Audio
CALS News 1/17/2014
Quoted: Ed Jesse, emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

LSC TA’s “backwards” approach earns her an Innovation in Teaching award
eCALS 1/15/2014
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communications
Quoted: Molly Simis, teaching assistant, Life Sciences Communications

Animal researcher leads effort to help UW-Madison entrepreneurs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/14/2014
Quoted: Mark Cook
Quoted: Bryan Renk, alumnus, Meat & Animal Science

UW ‘ideas factory’ looks to turn research into economic growth
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/12/2014
Quoted: Mark Cook, Animal Science

Wisconsin dairy industry continues upward trend
Dairy Herd Network 1/13/2014
Quoted: Ed Jesse, emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW-Madison Chancellor Talks Collaboration at Pioneer Farm
University of Wisconsin – Platteville News 1/10/2014
Mentioned: John Shutske, Associate Dean
Mentioned: Discovery Farms

Safe & Healthy: Reusable Grocery Bags & Foodborne Illness
UW Extension 1/09/2014
Author: Barb Ingham, Food Science

Campbell soups up its Milwaukee spice plant
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/16/2014
Quoted: Barb Ingham, Food Science

Chemical treatment could cut cost of biofuel
Nature 1/16/2014
Quoted: Robert Anex, Biological Systems Engineering

Corn conferences in three locations
Agri-View 1/15/2014
Mentioned: Joe Lauer, Agronomy
Mentioned: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science

Farm news & notes 1/11/2014
Mentioned: Robert Cropp, emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Of Interest:

Go Big Read seeks titles focused on service
CALS News 1/13/2014

Renewable chemical ready for biofuels scale-up
UW News 1/16/2014

UW Researchers Find Plant-Based Solvent To Ease Biofuel Production
Wisconsin Public Radio 1/17/2014

Polar Vortex Has Officially Retreated
Wisconsin Public Radio 1/14/2014

White House Summit Gathers College Leaders Who Pledged to Expand Access
The Chronicle of Higher Education 1/15/2014

Good Food Awards honor 5 Wisconsin products
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/17/2014