Congrats to ARS award winners: Eileen Cullen, Mike Maroney, Phil Holman, Lia Klatt

CALS Agricultural Research Stations will be recognizing individuals for their service and support of ARS programs. Honorees include:

  • Eileen Cullen, Entomology associate professor and Extension specialist: ARS Research Recognition Award
  • Mike Maroney, UW Research Animal Resources Center veterinary unit: ARS Service Recognition Award
  • Phil Holman, superintendent, Spooner Ag Research Station: ARS Staff Recognition Award
  • Lia Klatt, Technical representative, Fisher Safety: ARS Safety Support Program Recognition Award

Eileen Cullen is a great role model for scientists who conduct research on the Agricultural Research Stations. Her research at the Arlington Station focuses on the development and refinement of IPM programs for both conventional and organic production systems, and she was instrumental in the establishment of 30 acres of organic research on the Arlington Station.  She actively uses her research programs to instruct students. She also has provided assistance to the station with crop scouting and recommendations for dealing with pest problems that arise during the growing season.  She has been a member of the Agricultural Research Stations Committee and has assisted with several staff recruitments

Dr. Mike Maroney supervises the animal health care for all CALS large animals. His assistance to stations includes animal health care, developing operating procedures, training staff about research protocols, and inspecting facilities.  He works with each stations to address its specific needs. He is available around the clock to answer questions to make an emergency trip if needed. He strives to understand  ARS employees’ individual duties and situation in order to help everyone provide the best possible animal care. In addition to reviewing the research protocols for animal health care, he also considers the interests of the stations and their staffs to make sure potential research projects are safe and practical.

Phil Holman has handled a variety of challenges at the Spooner Ag Research Station in just over 10 years on the job.  He began as Assistant Superintendent, overseeing crop research and production activities.  When Yves Berger retired after long service as station superintendent and sheep program, manager, Phil found himself doing triple duty: overseeing station management, agronomy and the sheep projects. He got a respite when a new assistant superintendent was hired, but only briefly, because the new staffer soon moved on to other opportunities. On top of all that, Holman organized the station’s centennial celebration in 2009, helped the station through through a major failure of the and replacement of the heating system, and took over marketing the station’s sheep when the usual arrangements fell through. Through all of these changes, Phil has maintained the high quality of research in all areas while maintaining the station and leading the Spooner ARS crew, handling it all with good humor and steady control.

Lia Klatt is a distinguished industry partner of the ARS program. She has been very involved in supporting the ARS Safety Program by providing specific safety information and assistance.  She has given presentations on a variety of topics at ARS safety meetings and employee training events. She has demonstrated the use of many safety products herself and rounded up other experts to do the same. Over the last three years, Lia has annually sponsored the ARS Safety Award recognizing outstanding leadership and performance within the ARS Department.