Receiving your W-2 form by mail? Make sure your address is up-to-date in My UW Portal

Please review your current home and/or mailing address in the My UW Portal and make any needed changes by January 16, 2014 to ensure your preferred address is used for W-2 Form distribution.

In late January, 2014, your W-2 Tax Form will be sent via U.S. mail to your mailing address. If you do not have a mailing address, your W-2 will be mailed to your home address.  If neither address is in the portal, your W-2 will be mailed to your office location.

To review your current address information, log in to the My UW Portal Choose the ‘Work Record’ tab. Your current home address will be displayed in the ‘Personal Information’ module.  If this is not your preferred address for W-2 Form distribution, you may update your home and/or mailing address by clicking on the ‘Update my Personal Information’ link in the ‘Personal Information’ module. For additional instructions on how to update your address information:

Please note that in addition to the hard copy W-2 Form distribution, an electronic copy of the form will also be available in the My UW Portal in the ‘Payroll Information’ module under the ‘Tax Statements’ tab.

If you have questions, contact your Payroll/Staff Benefits office.