New UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank has already said some very positive things about CALS, both in remarks to members of campus Boards of Visitors and during a visit to the Hancock Ag Research Station. So it will be interesting to hear what she has to say when she joins us at the upcoming All-CALS meeting, next Tuesday, Dec. 17 in Varsity Hall, Union South from 3-4:30.

The Chancellor will talk about her immediate priorities, and about how college-level priorities and plans will fit with campus-wide planning. That should offer a good lead-in, because the primary focus for the meeting will be on the implementation of our strategic plan, which was approved by the CALS APC in May of 2013. The focus for this year has been in implementing the priority recommendations (

There will also be a discussion of the CALS Academic Planning Council’s current five-year self study. Input received at the meeting will contribute to their review. A survey for the APC self-study has gone out to all CALS faculty and staff. Other topics include alumni advancement planning,  ARS priorities and planning, educational capacity metrics, international priorities and planning, and more.