Post-game on Tuesday: Big Ten Network features CALS students

Students in CALS’ dairy and food science programs will feature prominently in the Big Ten Network’s Forward Motion show on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

The show–which is set to air at approximately 9 p.m., immediately after the Badger men’s basketball game ends that night–includes three segments. The first will explore the UW’s 5th quarter traditions. The second segment, titled “Real World Jobs,” will feature students who live and work at the university’s Dairy Cattle Center, including dairy science student Brian Schnell. The final segment will be all about CALS’ undergraduate candy making class, taught by Rich Hartel.

Here’s a preview and some still photos from the footage:

Candy poster 3
Still image taken from Forward Motion footage of Rich Hartel’s candy making class.
Career poster 7
Still taken from Forward Motion footage of “Real World Jobs” segment.