Bunnies beware – foxes make themselves at home in the Allen Gardens

foxThere have been multiple sightings of foxes on our part of campus over the past few weeks. This report from the Allen Centennial Gardens Facebook album is one of our favorites.
I’ve seen a pair of fox in Allen Centennial Gardens for just over a week but always early just as it has been getting light enough to see. Today I was by myself most of the morning and this fox made itself comfortable in the Italian Garden. It was not put out by me at all, even when I talked to it, and was only alarmed if I go less than about 6′ away, even then it just ambled a short distance away and found a new place to lie down. What a treat – I hope it and its absent mate decide to stay awhile! Beware bunnies – you will pay for the enormous amounts of damage you did this season!

More photos in the ACG album.