Special tour teaches UW admissions counselors more about CALS

On Aug. 21, UP&S staff led a special CALS tour for UW-Madison admissions counselors to help them better understand what the college has to offer–so they can share this information with students. Participants in the tour, which was largely organized by FISC Interim Director Jessie Potterton, visited the D.C. Smith Greenhouse, where they assembled small terrariums (to take home with them); Babcock Hall’s Sensory Analysis Laboratory, where they evaluated different kinds of mozzarella cheese by tasting pizza; the Livestock and Poultry Products Laboratory, where they learned about the animal sciences major; and a genetics lab, where they learned about fruit fly genetics.

Potterton says she received great feedback from participants and hopes to offer more tours of this kind to groups that could benefit from a deeper understanding of the educational opportunities at CALS.

Building terrariums.


Learning about pizza cheese.
Not all mozzarellas behave the same in the oven.