CALS in the News for the Week of August 24-30

In the News:

New Faces In Leadership Roles At UW-Madison Ag Research Stations
Wisconsin Agriculturalist 8/27/2013
Mentioned: Felix Navarro, Horticulture
Mentioned: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science
Mentioned: Janet Hedtcke, Agricultural Research Stations
Mentioned: Ronald Skoyen, Agricultural Research Stations
Mentioned: Arin Crooks, Agricultural Research Stations
Mentioned: Jason Cavadini, Agricultural Research Stations

UW-Madison CALS to Help Organize ‘Celebrate Ag’ Football Event
Wisconsin Ag Connection 8/26/2013
Quoted: Kate VandenBosch, CALS Dean

New Tools Help Farmers Plan Their Manure Spreading Activity
Wisconsin Ag Connection 8/28/2013
Quoted: John Panuska, Biological Systems Engineering

Meet the Natives: Wild Bees
PBS 8/21/13
Quoted: Claudio Gratton, Entomology

Microbe-powered “Biobulb” earns WID students spot in Popular Science competition
CALS News 8/26/2013
Quoted: Michael Zaiken, Student, Biochemistry
Mentioned: Alexandra Cohn, Student, Philosophy
Mentioned: AnaElise Beckman, Student, Anthropology/Neurobiology

Unusual soil pit allows growers to compare no-till to tillage soils
Wisconsin State Farmer 8/29/2013
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy
Quoted: Francisco Arriaga, Soil Science
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Town of Oregon’s Straub earns engineering award 8/28/2013
Mentioned: Richard Straub, CALS Dean

Be wary of ergot during winter feeding
Agri-View 8/28/2013
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

All Farmers Invited To Attend a Research Field Day
Public News Service 8/26/2013
Quoted: Erin Silva, Agronomy

Conley shares tips for more successful wheat establishment
Agri-View 8/28/2013
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Diversification important to cheese maker (subscription only)
Milwaukee Business Journal 8/16/2013
Quoted: Ron Paris, Alumnus
Mentioned: Chris Paris, Alumnus

De-Extinction Experts See Benefits In Resurrecting Extinct Animals, But Critics Abound
Huffington Post 8/27/2013
Quoted: Stanley Temple, Emeritus

CALS to Honor Exemplary Leaders During Awards Banquet
Wisconsin Ag Connection 8/29/2013
Mentioned: Roger Blobaum, Alumnus
Mentioned: Henry Fribourg, Alumnus
Mentioned: Allan Schultz, Alumnus
Mentioned: Warren Gabelman, Emeritus

Dairy feeding study yields breakthrough in human nutrition (print)
Quoted: David Nelson, Emeritus

Of Interest:

UW-Madison: Microbe-powered ‘Biobulb’ earns WID students spot in popular science competition 8/26/2013

Smarter Food: does big farming mean bad farming?
The Washington Post 8/28/2013

WE Badger Volunteers focus on sustainability in the community
UW News 8/26/2013

Ask the Weather Guys: When was the National Weather Service started?
Huffington Post 8/25/2013

Chancellor Welcomed with ‘Bec-Key Lime Pie’ ice cream
CALS News 8/28/2013

Photographing the Female Face of Farming
Modern Farmer 8/29/2013

Farm dips into winter food supply
The Republic 8/29/2013

Fracking stirs controversy between Iowa company and Wisconsin town 8/23/2013