CALS in the News for the Week of June 15-21

In the News:

UW Plans to Lead in Potato Breeding with New Professorship
Fox News 6/17/2013
Mentioned: Jeff Endelman, Horticulture

New professorship creating for potato breeding
WKOW Madison 6/16/2013
Mentioned: Jeff Endelman

Leaf-cutter ants teach researcher about biofuel production
Ethanol Producer Magazine 6/18/2013
Quoted: Frank Aylward, Graduate Student, Bacteriology

Corn: Ultra-late planting, deficient nutrients, ‘post’ weed control
Agri-View 6/20/2013
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

Perrine Hired as Assistant Vet and interns join Accelerated Genetics for the summer
Agri-View 6/20/2013
Mentioned: Breinne Hendrickson, Student, Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication

Wisconsin Students Earn National Dairy Shrine Scholarships
Wisconsin Ag Connection 6/21/2013
Mentioned: Jordan Haelfrisch, Student, Agriculture and Applied Economics

Investigative journalism center hired prominent journalist Ron Seely as reporter, editor, mentor
Wisconsin Watch 6/20/2013
Mentioned: Ron Seely, Life Sciences Communication

Export market for Wisconsin certified seed potatoes
Podcals 6/21/2013
Featuring: Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology

Want to see more wildlife? Relax and let nature do the yard work
CALS News 6/19/2013
Quoted: Anna Pidgeon, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Of Interest:

Potato cartel? So say grocers
The Durango Herald 6/14/2013