Madison Audubon Society tips a hat to CALS illustrator Byron Jorns and UW’s environmental legacy

Byron Jorns, who worked for the UW College of Agriculture as an illustrator and designer from the early 1930s until the late ‘50s, sketched the first masthead to adorn a newsletter of the Madison Audubon Society—a  gracefully simple wetland scene. Since the group plans to roll out a new newsletter format this fall, MAS president Roger Packard thought it was fitting to offer a “nod to the past” by reflecting on Wisconsin’s environmental legacy as personified by Jorns and a number of other UW people, including botanists John Curtis, Henry Greene, John Thompson, Grant Cottam, and Norman Fassett, soil scientist Francis Hole, limnologist Arthur Hasler, and, of course, professor of wildlife management Aldo Leopold. Go here to read the essay and see the vintage masthead.