A safe way to clean out your medicine cabinet: Permanent Med Drop site in UW police station lobby

It’s spring and time to clean out those cupboards, closets, medicine cabinets, and bring us your drugs! The University of Wisconsin Police Department is excited to announce our  partnership with the UW School of Pharmacy and Safe Communities Med Drop Program. By working with Safe Communities and the UW School of Pharmacy, the UWPD has been able to offer a permanent med drop box accessible 24 hours a day in the main lobby of the Police Department. This partnership allows us to get harmful drugs out of your home, out of the reach of children, and have them properly disposed of.

This April UWPD Officers and Pharmacy Students conducted a large collection at the Spring Football Game. Officers and students stood near gates 1 and 10 collecting unused and expired medications prior to the game. We received many inquires about the drop box and the program itself.  Just three days later, UWPD had its largest deposit of medications in the box to date. The UWPD plans on more large events and will collect on site at the Badger Watch Buddies, Summer Olympics program to be held in August. Officers will also make deposits available at Union South in 2014, at the Annual Badger Watch Safety Conference. If your building is having a large event and you would like to have a med drop at your location at the start of the event, please contact West Campus Community Officer Heidi Laundrie at

The white drop box is located in the front lobby of the Police Department located at 1429 Monroe St, across the street from Camp Randall Stadium, open 24 hours a day. No information is taken, it’s completely anonymous.  Place your medications in plastic bags (provided) and deposit them into the box. Pills, liquids, pastes, and even pet medications are accepted; however needles and aerosols aren’t at this time so please don’t deposit those items into the box.

So spread the word, tell your neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives to bring all those unwanted medications to the UWPD where you can be assured they will be disposed of properly and safely. For more information on where you can find other drop boxes, please visit the Safe Communities web site at, . For more information on other programs the School of Pharmacy is participating in, visit them at

Heidi Laundrie
Community Officer, UWPD