Federal Funding Opportunities

Federal funding opportunities from the week of May 6-May 10

Multiple Sclerosis Research Program (MSRP)

Methane Hydrates

A Multi-Scale Program to Assess Change in the Acid-Base Chemistry of Mtn Streams in MD,VA, and WV

Genetic Diversity and Adaptation and Restoration Seeding Grant

Applied Science Grants and Cooperative Agreements for the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Reclamation Seed Microcapillary Barrier

BLM Alaska Rapid Ecoregional Assessment REA Central Yukon

Ely District Nevada Implementation of Ely RMP for Renewable Resources

Request for Capability Statements for Environmental Monitoring for Post Hurricane Sandy Beach Re-nourishment Projects Grant

Biomarker Candidate Platforms for Inflammatory Diseases

Substance Use Disorders and Molecular Regulation of Brain Energy Utilization

Systematic Evaluation of Excipient Effects on the Efficacy of Metered Dose Inhaler Products

Closing the Gap in Healthcare Disparities through Dissemination and Implementation of Patient Centered Outcomes Research

Methodologies and Formative Work for Combination HIV Prevention Approaches

Research on Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Effects of Modulating Chronic Low Grade Inflammation on Geriatric Conditions: Secondary Data and/or Biospecimen Analyses and Ancillary Studies in Ongoing or Completed Clinical Trials

Developing and Improving Institutional Animal Resources

Center of Excellence for Research on CAM

Hydrologic Sciences Program

Smart and Connected Health (SCH) Program

Supplemental and Alternative Crops Competitive Grants Program

Conservation Innovation Grant