Support to internationalize your science course

Do you have ideas about how to internationalize your undergraduate science course, but need support to make the changes? Are you interested in working with graduate students and post-docs who are gaining expertise in improving teaching practices and learning environments in STEM education? If so, a partnership with a Delta intern might be the right fit for you.

CALS International Programs and Delta are partnering to help connect interested interns with instructors looking to internationalize their course. Internationalizing the curriculum entails infusing international, global, and intercultural perspectives into courses and programs. International content includes:

  • The ways in which cultural and societal differences influence scientific understanding and application.
  • The role that global issues, processes, international policies, and systems play in scientific research and application.
  • The ways in which the same science is “done” differently in other countries.

Examples of past internationalization projects can be found here:

“The Delta Internship Program provides graduate students and postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to develop teaching and learning skills in real-world situations. Each semester, the Delta Program supports a new cohort of interns who partner with faculty and staff to improve teaching practices and learning environments through innovative teaching-as-research projects. ” From Delta website (

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Amber Smith, Science Curriculum Internationalization Project, 608-890-4196 or