CALS in the News for the Week of March 23-29

In the News

Analyst says elimination of key report due to sequester could harm dairy industry
Wisconsin State Journal 3/25/2013
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Dairy Profitability

We’re creating cow islands
Hoard’s Dairyman 3/25/2013
Mark Stephenson, Dairy Profitability

Why plans to build BioLink — a key bio-agriculture project — broke down
The Isthmus 3/28/2013
Quoted: Rick Lindroth, CALS Associate Dean

DOA could sell off state property in governor’s budget proposal
Wisconsin State Journal
Quoted: William Oemichen, Chair of CALS Board of Visitors

WSMB continues enhanced nematode testing for 2013
Agri-View 3/28/2013
Mentioned: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Dairy Farmers of Walworth County award scholarship to Kyle
Agri-View 3/28/22013
Mentioned: Hayden Kyle, Student, Farm & Industry Short Course

Forum to be held on county conservation work and frac sand mining
Agri-View 3/28/2013
Mentioned: Keven McSweeney, Soil Science

UW-Madison campus projects clear first hurdle
The Country Today 3/26/2013
Mentioned: Babcock Hall
Mentioned: UW Center for Dairy Research

World Dairy Expo honorees named
The Country Today 3/26/2013
Quoted: Ken Nordlund, Dairy Science

Cabbage role: Dairies looking at possible feed option
The Country Today 3/26/2013
Mentioned: Marianne Smukowski, UW Center for Dairy Research

UW-Madison Saddle & Sirloin Badger Bonanza Lamb Show
Wisconsin State Farmer 3/28/2013
Mentioned: UW Saddle & Sirloin Club

Four candidates named as 66th Alice Finalists
Wisconsin State Farmer 3/28/2013
Mentioned: Kristin Olson, Alumna, Life Sciences Communications

Dave Nelson’s path to science historian
CALS News 3/25/2013
Mentioned: Dave Nelson, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry

Heart disease gene uncovered – Audio
CALS News 3/29/2013
Quoted: Marion Greaser, Animal Science

Of Interest

Walker’s budget would permit sale of prisons, highways, and more
Wisconsin Public Radio 3/26/2013

At Portland State U., Beer Is Just Business
The Chronicle 3/29/2013

DNR Says Elk Population Still Growing in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ag Connection 3/28/2013