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Darwin Day on Valentines Day: A look at the mating game

When Darwin Day coincides with Valentines Day, how could the topic be anything other than Love and Sex in the Natural World.

Life only exists because it can reproduce – and living organisms  have sure found some odd ways to do it! Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, this year the Crow Institute celebrates Darwin’s birthday with a guided tour of some of nature’s odder sexual strategies. Join us for the wild ride of evolution! Go here for UW Darwin Day details.


Thursday February 14

  • 8am – 4pm: Teacher Workshop, led by Kristin Jenkins and UW-Madison faculty. Faculty presentations and demonstrations of hands-on activities. The cost for substitute teachers will be covered for participants. Lunch will be provided and participants will receive materials to take back to the classroom. Registration required; sign up here.  Teacher Resources
  • 7pm: Movie Night: Evolution Shorts: Love and Sex in the Natural World.  Union South Marquee.

Friday February 15

  • 7 pm: Keynote lecture by Kim Bostwick (Cornell University). Evolution Revealed: How to Evolve a Seductive Musical Instrument from Feathers. Location:H.F. DeLuca Forum

Saturday February 16

  • 10am – 2pm: Tree of Life exploration stations and scavenger hunt. This activity is appropriate for all ages. Kids win prizes for completing the scavenger hunt. Location: Town Center at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
  • 10:30 am: Lecture by Chris Smith (Willamette University): The most repulsive tree. The most remarkable fertilization system. H.F. DeLuca Forum
  • 12:00 pm: Lecture by Matthew Dean (University of Southern California): Dolphin pelvic bones evolve in response to sexual selection. Location: H.F. DeLuca

2013 Partners: Town Center at the Wisconsin Institutes for DiscoveryWisconsin Alumni Association