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Next steps in strategic planning: A look at CALS instruction and organizational structure

Dean VandenBosch has appointed two new Strategic Planning subcommittees to focus on the next items in the committee’s charge. These work groups will meet over the next several weeks and provide draft recommendations by March 12.

The Education subcommittee will develop recommendations concerning teaching, training and learning. They have been asked to think about the CALS educational mission, Educational Innovation, and the college’s capacity for teaching and training. Committee members include Rick Amasino and Monica Theis (co-chairs), Sarah Pfatteicher (Project Manager), Ian Coxhead, Susan Crane, Christen Geyer, Dietram Scheufele, Adrienne Shelton and Tom Szalkucki.

The Structure subcommittee will offer recommendations regarding the organizational structure of CALS. They have been charged to identify metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of current structures. Members include Murray Clayton and Steve Ventura (co-chairs), Birl Lowery (project manager), Cameron Currie, Randy Jackson, Bill Oemichen, Mark Rickenbach, Pam Ruegg, John Shutske and Steve Switzer.

More information on the charge to the subgroups can be found in the Resources section of the CALS Strategic Planning website.