2013 Teaching and Learning Symposium proposals due Jan. 18

At UW-Madison, 2012-2013 has been named the Year of the Innovation. One of the year’s themes is Educational Innovation ( to reinvigorate how we teach for the 21st century.  In the second year of the campus Educational Innovation (EI) effort, faculty and instructors at UW-Madison have been charged to experiment with innovative approaches to enhance student learning. Therefore, this year’s Teaching and Learning Symposium will highlight innovations and their impact on student learning.

Symposium organizers seek proposals for engaging sessions that highlight current and future teaching and learning innovations, build on research, help colleagues make improvements based on past experiences, enhance our capacity to reach learners, and explore what teaching and learning will look like in the 21st century. Especially welcome are proposals that spark conversations around new innovations, or that scale up existing, proven innovations that have affected student learning in positive ways. Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students are welcome to submit proposals.

Each proposal should address one or more of the following themes related to Educational Innovation:

●     Enhance learning – What will teaching and learning look like in the 21st century?  What new approaches, pedagogical or curricular, are being launched or planned?  How can technology support and enhance learning?

●     Increase capacity and enhance diversity – How will we increase capacity and connect with a greater diversity of learners through our classrooms, outreach education, community partnerships, service learning, research opportunities, internship programs, and other undergraduate programs?  How can current educational innovations be scaled up to impact more learners?

●     Wisconsin Experience – How do the rich history and values embedded in the Wisconsin Idea shape a unique educational experience and future innovations in teaching and learning?

●     Student learning and research excellence – How does scholarship inform teaching, learning, and Educational Innovation?

●     Creative processes and collaborations – How do creative and collaborative efforts, including high-impact practices, engage students and improve learning?

●     Community-building and sharing innovations – How can we build community around Educational Innovation to share ideas, experiences, and successes?

Proposed presentations should be 30, 60, or 90 minutes long. The format should be either a workshop (hands-on, participatory, or experiential sessions) or a learning circle (structured discussions). There will be a second call for poster and flash-talk proposals in spring 2013. To submit a proposal, please go to the website <> and complete the proposal form.

More info is available on the website, or contact Sarah Miller, Co-Chair, at