CALS Moodle support and CALS computer labs/classrooms

Many instructors in CALS are aware of various implementations of Moodle, an open-source Learning Management System roughly similar to D2L, around campus for the last few years. Moodle has been a part of many of the Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) projects funded by the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning in past years and features in plans for the campus Educational Innovation initiative. Funding from student tech fees has made possible a campus-wide Moodle service at (Learn@UW service on campus will continue unaffected for the foreseeable future.)

Tom Tabone,, manager of the CALS Computer Lab, will be the College’s lead support person for Moodle and should be the first point of contact for getting Moodle courses set up and running.  Tom has had Moodle training as part of an earlier Moodle project and provided support to individual faculty for the past fall semester. Tom is networked with Moodle support staff all across campus, as well as the operational team that runs Moodle on campus.

This Moodle responsibility compliments Tom’s work in learning support as the manager of the CALS Computer Lab located in the basement of the Animal Sciences building.  Tom has been providing user support in the computer lab for over 20 years.  In addition to the general use computers available in the lab, Tom oversees 2 computer classrooms that can be reserved by instructors for up to the entire semester.  One of the rooms has a capacity of 21 while the other room has a capacity of 35.  Both rooms are located in the Animal Sciences building and can be reserved through Tom.

More information about Moodle and maybe why Moodle would be a good fit for your class website can be found at: More information on the CALS computer lab can be found at: