Allen Gardens gets grant to install a new sustainability garden

Great news from Ed Lyon, director of the Allen Centennial Gardens. He’s learned that the Allen Gardens will receive $20,800 from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust to convert the old bog garden into a new Sustainability Garden. The new space will include three types of sustainable gardening; gravel/xeriscape, meadow/alternative lawn and rain/water filtration gardens. There won’t be hard borders; each of the three will transition naturally into the others, Lyon says.

“The largest cost of this garden is a Trex boardwalk that enters the garden in three places, converging to a center platform where visitors can look down on the plantings and where we can place interpretive signage,” he adds.

The sustainability garden will complement a number of current demonstration projects at the Allen Gardens. The garden staff has been experimenting with compost teas and organic turf care. They’ve also installed an large area for edibles featuring different kinds of raised beds, heirloom plants, lasagna garden, vertical gardening, grow bags, veggies bred for containers and strategies for growing food in a limited space. There’s also a plan to develop horticultural therapy/enabling gardening areas.