Volunteers needed for science outreach at MLK Day of Service

Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Service Day 2013: “A Dedication to Service… A Discovery of Science”
Monday, January 21, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery will be hosting science-based activities centered on providing experiential and service learning opportunities to students from Dane County. The goal to impress upon the participants the need for future explorers and to engage them in science education, and to provide avenues for how science impacts their communities, and how they can become more involved.

We are looking for volunteers from the UW-Madison community to provide learning experiences for the ~300 students who will be in attendance. We would like to provide at least 20-25 exploration stations that students can visit that provide a hands on experience that students can engage that highlight a particular area of scientific research. Some examples can include:

  • Activity/demonstration table
  • Informational poster highlighting program or research

We also need people interested in providing presentations relating to the theme of the day that would last 20-25 minutes. If none of these activities fit, but you are interested in being involved, we need volunteers for all kinds of logistical needs

How to Get Involved. Please fill out the information request form found at this link: For further information, contact Tom Browne, Assistant Dean in CALS Undergraduate Programs and Services, at, to confirm interest.